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rant, beware.

Sigh. There are way too many things on my mind right now. I went through the whole living at home senario. I mean, I dont have a car I have to depend on my mom for a ride..and I mean I feel like I am in mid school..I wish I could drive...I hate having fucking seizures. It puts a damper on everything and is a burden on other people.

Right now, the thing on my mind right now is Ryan. I care for him so much. He means so much, I constantly want to follow him around. He is like an addiction, we have so much fun everyday we are together. I know at the end of summer he doesnt want a long distance, and I can't make him have a long distance with me or anything. Its not like he even goes to school far away. Anyways, we are going out for a drink. Lena, I just dont makes me want to cry. I care so much. I dunno what I will do...I told him all this..and I just have such an attachment. I really need him in my life. I think I am falling in lust..or whatever.

Well, he lives close by and he is leaving soon, so I will talk to you later. Maybe you will be online tongiht.
I love you.
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