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Oh boy oh boy. Orientation my are going to beat yourself up..seriously worst 2 days of my life. No joke.
We spent so much time in the Kiva....I swear. Anyways...the prices went up for double occupancy to like 2000 bucks so I am just gonna stay at home now! My mom will just drive me or something. I have Sign Language with Amber, and Math with my friend Drea, we are in like Math 100 cause I suckkkk at math. Unlike Miss Sara who is the math-wiz.
I got this class where it goes with English it is a Foresnic Investigation one, but its for those intrested in being Medical Examiners. Then the put the english with it, I would like write essays about what we learn in the forensics class. They told me there were like less that 5 spots open...I can't believe I got it...
Anyways here is my schedule.
On Monday:
8-8:50 Sign Language
1-1:50 Anthropology 101
5-5:50 Math 101
On Tuesdays:
9:30-10:45 "introduction to Undergraduation Study (forensic part)
11:00-12:15 English 101
5:00-6:15 Math
On Wednesdays
Sign language same time and anthro same time and Math same as monday
Undergrad and English same as Tuesday and Math same Tuesday..
Friday just sign language and anthro.
So, if you have any spaces, we can eat lunch together, or we can study in the library or something.
All I that orientation sucked beyond belief you have no idea. They talk to us about date rape, and "dont drink, or drink in moderation" blah blah. Stupid shit like "getting aquainted games" and shit. I could care less. I just wanted to look around and register, ect. WHATEV.
Anyways, bring a pillow forsures, and a book. They have this social gathering at ngiht, and I just went to my room and read. lol.
I will tell you more when you come back. I miss you. Guess where Ryan is taking me Friday night? Mr and Mrs Smith..and yes, I will see it again with you!!!!<3 Angelina Jolie!! YAY!

Miss ya.

Love, tibs.
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