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First day without me Lena :(

Hey Lena,
Its your first day away. I am going to make you a little journal so you know whats going on everyday...every detail!!!
Let's see woke up...braces appointment at wonderful. Took about an hour to get it all off. I look so weird. I posted some pics on my reg journ. Scary scary. I look like non-Tibb-ish. Odd, odd.
Anyways, got home...watched tv, did a puzzle. Had problems with el mumsie.
Lets see...and then Ryan came over after he got off work, and he took me to Satellite and Reza was working and we visited him. We acted retarded and listened to Green Day and he said I was crazy cause I knew the words to every song on american idiot cd.

Hope you are having fun.
love ya miss ya
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